spot on sound

A game-changer in small-to-medium venue concert sound reinforcement.

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corporate & Non-Profit events

As an audio company, Spot On Sound was founded specifically with corporate events in mind. The audio requirements of corporate events have become more complex, and the expectation for a flawless event has increased. We strive to establish a higher standard by which others are compared. Spot On Sound provides pro audio, and lighting systems that are reliable and perfectly at home, handling a wide variety of music styles for audience sizes ranging from one-hundred to one-thousand. There’s one chance to get it right while meeting so many challenges. Spot On Sound makes sure you won’t go it alone.

Concerts & music festivals

Spot On Sound provides concert audio, lighting, staging, and video production for festivals that are reliable, scalable, and perfectly at home, handling a wide variety of music genres for audience sizes ranging from 1000 to 10000. 

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Special events are just that, unique productions that can take place in any venue. They often have extremely tight schedules and offer no second chances, as they are a “one time only” occurrence. Whether for one hundred or one thousand, Spot On Sound can help you plan for a successful event.

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