Live Sound Systems

Sound So Good It’s Hard to Believe

If you have ever tried to host an event and you weren’t happy with the lights or the sound system, we feel your pain. It is that frustration with lackluster sound that led us to create an alternative. Spot On Sound is the Denver area’s choice when they need sparkling live sound for everything from corporate events to outdoor music fests. Our systems are designed to be flexible, and so are our team of live sound engineers, lighting experts, and other audio-visual professionals. Contact us now to find out exactly how we can make your upcoming concert or event an experience no one will forget.

Spot On Sounds has the skills, experience, and live sound systems to handle events for as few as 100 and as many as 10,000 people, including:

  • Corporate events
  • Outdoor music festivals
  • Concerts
  • Weddings
  • Nearly any other special event

Our Live Sound Systems

Your ability to make an event work is dependent on many different factors. If sound and light is a pivotal part of your concert or ceremony, there is no room for error. Contact Spot On Sound today to find out how we will plan for and execute the sound and light at your event seamlessly.


Spot On Sound Productions provides professional live sound reinforcement, event lighting, and AV systems for small- to medium-sized venues. When you trust us to handle your live sound and AV needs, you won’t have to worry about inexperienced engineers and systems that don’t work. Instead, you’ll experience event production that is completely seamless and streamlined.


Spot On Sound is proud to offer three distinct audio system designs, each offering loudspeaker deployments for a wide-range of venues with an incredible number of applications that may be utilized in multiple ways.

Audience size recommendation: 500–5000+

A-Rig $$$: DB Technologies VIO. A fully powered line array and sub series intended for large sound reinforcement applications. A unique design and advanced DSP programming come together to deliver imposing sound pressure levels, an outstanding control of dispersion and the most detailed audio performance.. Audience size recommendation of 500 – 5000+

B-Rig $$: QSC KLA Line Array Element Family products handle duties as diverse as front-of-house main PA, stage monitors, side or front fills, DJ monitors, musical instrument amplification, delays, multipurpose AV and more. Audience size recommendation of 250 – 1250

C-Rig $: QSC K/KW Series point-source speaker products handle duties as diverse as front-of-house main PA, stage monitors, side or front fills, DJ monitors, musical instrument amplification, delays, multipurpose AV and more. Audience size recommendation of 75 – 350


Allen&Heath iLive (as well as QU series) is a uniquely flexible digital mixing system. By putting the DSP and audio in the MixRack, we have opened up a new world of control and networking possibilities. An iLive system can be anything from a full-blown touring rig controlled by modular Surfaces that look and feel much like conventional mixing consoles to an ultra-compact setup with just a MixRack controlled via a laptop or tablet.

Midas M32 (and Behringer X32) digital mixing desks bring cutting-edge Midas innovation to the world of medium-format consoles. Loaded with 32 premium Midas preamps, 25 time-aligned and phase-coherent DSP mix buses, brilliant DSP processing and routing, and massive expansion options, the M32 is an ideal foundation for moderate venues and professional touring rigs.


The MixRack is the heart of the digital audio processing system, housing the 64×32 DSP mix engine together with control and audio networking interfaces. The system provides full dynamics, EQ and delay processing for all inputs and masters, 8 built-in ‘RackExtra’ effects and 16 DCA groups. The 8FX returns add to the 64 channels providing up to 72 sources to the mix.


By implementing SoundGrid, we run Waves acclaimed compressors, EQs, limiters, delays, and more, on Allen & Heath iLive mixing consoles. The configuration uses a dedicated SoundGrid DSP Server to power the plugin processing, thus enabling low-latency, high plugin counts, and 64 channels of bi-directional digital I/O networking capabilities.


Spot On Sound is a full-service sound and AV provider offering lighting, video & staging equipment featuring the latest in high-definition projection, ultra wide screens and projection mapping. We guarantee that your performers and presenters are heard and ensure that they effectively connect with their clients – the audience and attendees.


Spot On Sound, in partnership with PSI, can provide you with Colorado’s largest selection of backline equipment for productions large or small.


(1) Allen & Heath T112
(1) Allen & Heath IDR48: 48 Inputs / 24 Outputs, 32 Mix Busses
(1) Allen & Heath Qu-24: 24 Inputs / 20 Outputs
(1) Allen & Heath AR2412: 24 Inputs / 14 Outputs, 14 Mix Busses
(2) Allen & Heath ZED60-14FX: 10 Inputs / 4 Outputs
(1) Midas M32R: 40 Inputs / 32 outputs / 25 Mix Busses
(2) Behringer X32: 40 Inputs / 32 outputs / 25 Mix Busses
(1) DB Technologies AMS-RDNET-CONTROL-8
(1) DB Technologies AMS-RDNET-CONTROL-2
(2) DB Technologies AMS-AC26N
(1) DBX DriveRAck Venu360: 3 Inputs / 6 Outputs
(1) DBX DriveRack PA2: 2 Inputs / 6 Outputs



(16) DB Technologies AMS-VIO-L210 (Dual 10″ Line Array)
(12) DB Technologies AMS-VIO-L208 (Dual 8″ Line Array)
(10) DB Technologies AMS-VIO-S218 (Dual 18″ Sub Woofer)
(6) DB Technologies AMS-DVX-DM-12-TH (12″ Floor Wedge)
(2) DB Technologies AMS-DVX-DM-15-TH (15″ Floor Wedge)
(2) DB Technologies VIO X12 (12″ Point Source Speaker)
(2) DB Technologies VIO X10 (10″ Point Source Speaker)


(6) JBL SR4719X (Dual 18″ Sub)
(12) QSC KW181 (18” Sub)
(12) QSC KLA12 (Line Array)
(4) QSC KW153 (Side Fill & Delay Tower)
(22) QSC KW122 & K12 (Stage Monitor & Delay Tower)
(4) QSC K8 (Lip Fill / Front Fill)
(3) QSC / PLD 4.5 (8000 Watts Each)



Shure: (3) Beta 57, (7) Beta 58A, (5) SM57, (3) SM58, (1) & Beta 91A & (Instruments, Vocals & Kick)
Audix: (4) i5, (4) D2, (2) D4, (2) D6 & (6) ADX51 (Drums & Overheads)
Audio Technica: (1) AE2500, (3) ATM230 & (1) AE 2300 (Drums)
Heil: (1) PR30 & (1) PR40 ( Guitar & Bass) & (1) PR22UT
Sennheiser: (1) MD 421 II (Sax, Bass & Snare), (1) e945, (1) EW100G3, (1) EW500G3 & (2) E609
Beyerdynamic: (2) M88 TG (Brass)
Rode: (4) M5 (Acoustic Instruments & Choir)


Countryman: (2) ISOMAX 4RF (Podium Mic)
Countryman: (4) Type 85 DI (Guitars & Keys)
Audiophile: (1) FDB101, (1) DBRC & (2) DD006B
Radial: (2) J48 DI (Guitars & Keys)
Radial: (4) ProAV2 DI (DJs, Projectors)
Radial: (1) Bassbone V2 Tonebone DI (Bass Guitar)
Shure: (1) ULXD4Q & (4) Beta 58A
Shure: (8) SLX & (8) Beta 58A
Shure: (1) MX153B & (1) Beta54 Headworn Mic & (2) ULXD1 / SLX Body Pack Transmitter
Shure: (2) MX183/MX184 Lavalier
Sennheiser: (1) EW100G3 & (1) EW500G3
Neutrik: (1) XIRIUM PRO TX Base Station Wireless Speaker Technology with up to 1,000 meter range
Neutrik: (2) XIRIUM PRO RX Base Station Wireless Speaker Technology with up to 1,000 meter range
Neutrik: (1) XIRIUM PRO Repeater Wireless Speaker Technology with up to 1,000 meter range
Vertex Standard: (3) EVX-S24 Digital 2-Way Radios with up to 7 mile / 30 floor range


(3) 125’ & (3) 200′ Allen & Heath & Midas Digital Snake
(1) 25’ & (2) 35’ 12 Ch Custom CBI Sub Snake
(2) 25′ 16 Ch Custom CBI Drum Snake
(2) 75′ 6 Ch Custom CBI Sub Snake
(6) 30′ 24-Outlet Custom CBI Stage Stringers
(1) 48-Channel Custom CBI Monitor Split
(12) Furman PL+Power & Light Module
(1) ProPower 200AMP DISTRO with SocaPex, CamLock (208v/3-PHASE)
(1) LEX Products 100AMP DISTRO with CamLock (3-PHASE) or NEMA 5-50 (120/208V Single-Phase) connectors


(2) 25′ Sumner Eventer25
(2) 16′ Applied Technologies L16
(1) 13′ Applied Technologies L13


(1) Waves Soundgrid Server One
(1) Platinum (Bundle) & CLA Compressors
(1) Smaart 7.4 Rig (Audio Acoustic Measurement)
(1) Reaper (DAW — Digital Audio Workstation)
(1) Virtual Soundcheck
(2) Apple Macbook Pro & iPad
(1) LaCie 4TB Raid



Chamsys: (1) MagicQ MQ80 – Lighting Console
Pathway: (1) Cognito – Lighting Console
Chauvet: (24) Stage-Wash – COLORado 1-Tri TOUR
Mega Lite: (12) Stage-Wash – Mega Lite Baby Color Q70
Chauvet: (4) Movers – Rogue R2 Spot Moving Head LED
Chauvet: (4) Movers – Rogue R3 Wash Moving Head LED
Chauvet: (2) Movers – Intimidator SPOT 350
Chauvet: (4) Liko – Ovation E-190WW
ETC: (4) Liko – SourceFour 750
Chauvet: (9) Freedom Par Hex-4
Chauvet: (6) Batten-Quad 12
Chauvet: (8) SlimPar
Chauvet: (4) Fredom
Chauvet: (3) D-FI HUB
Elation: (2) Splitter – Opto Branch 4
Global Trusst: 196′ x 12″ Trussing


Isuzu: 2016 NRR 20′ Box Truck 19,500 GVW


Barco HDW-20K FLEX 20,000 lumen WXGA 16:10 DLP Projectors
Panasonic PT-DW10000U 10,000 lumen 1080p 16:9 DLP Projectors
Vista Spyder System
Barco 902 and ImagePro Switchers/Processors
Roland HD Switchers
DT Videolabs Playback Pro System
Pro Video Player System
23″ to 70″ HD LED/LCD/Plasma Displays
Broadcast Quality Multicamera Flypack Systems
LED, Moving , and Conventional Lighting Systems
Custom Modular Scenery System
* Available immediately upon special request