What Makes us different

  • ARTISTRY: More than 2,500 gigs as a working bassist
  • TECHNOLOGY: Armed with state-of-the-art event lighting and audio technology
  • PROFESSIONALISM: More than 20 years in global IT management, sales, engineering, and project management


The Spot On Sound Difference

For John Veit, founding SpotOnSound, LLC (dba Spot On Sound Productions) in 2013 wasn’t just an opportunity to launch a new phase in his career, but a chance to combine the skills he’d developed in dramatically different settings throughout his professional life. He places an emphasis on artistry — a product of Veit’s experience as a professional bass player with nearly 3000 gigs to his credit. Over time, he’s also brought his engineering background to bear in a career in technical support and sales at companies handling high end IT integrations throughout Europe, Asia, and the United States in the financial, commercial, and health care sectors. Eventually, he took a management position running an IT organization focused primarily on the financial sector, but decided to make a change that would allow him to draw on his experiences as an artist, his passion for music, and his twenty-plus years in engineering, IT, and project management in equal measure.

The company name, Veit notes, comes from a phrase he picked up during his travels. “For seven or eight years I spent a considerable amount of time in London, England, and when things are done absolutely correctly, the British say, ‘that’s spot-on.’”

Working towards perfection is reflected in his approach to Spot On Sound. “When I talk to clients, I don’t talk about the equipment or the technology,” Veit said. “I talk about providing a solution to a problem and allow them to focus purely on their vision while we help out with not only production, but logistics.” To that end, Veit goes beyond providing technology by getting involved in every aspect of the event to ensure the client’s vision is realized on-budge. He, when necessary, works to find sponsors for an event in order to provide clients with an experience they may not be able to afford on their own.

With his initial goal being to create a full-service, live sound reinforcement, lighting, video, staging, and backline provider for what he determined to be an underserved market (200 to 2,000+ capacity venues and events in the Denver region), Veit wanted to give his clients a compelling value proposition. That prompted interest from not only his target market, but with far larger venues and events, some of which attracted between 15,000 and 20,000 people. “My business model, however, didn’t involve investing a million dollars in capital in equipment and then having to refresh that again in five years,” he said.

Instead, Spot On Sound partners with other regional providers when additional infrastructure and gear is required. Ultimately, the company formalized some of those relationships in 2014, creating Talent Production and Logistics (TPL), a talent acquisition, production management, and event planning company, and a partnership between Spot On Sound, Marquee Event Solutions, and Pat Emerine Productions.

“It’s a one stop shop,” Veit said, “like a general contractor for the event industry.” The idea is to draw on his strengths as well as the strengths of his partners in order to provide more ‘bang for the buck’ for his clients while bringing a level of resources to the table that opens up larger events and markets for TPL.

While Veit’s business model has evolved substantially since Spot On Sound began, the company hopes to make an impact on a national level by partnering with other providers in other markets. “I got into this because of the artistic side. I want to keep mixing the smaller 1,200 to 1,500-capacity gigs because that’s where I get my joy. If they’ve got a great act and venue, it doesn’t matter if they’re only playing for 200 people. If everything’s clicking and everybody’s in the groove, it makes everything else go away.”

John and Maggie Veit
Owners and Operators

Kevin Mitchell:

Kevin Mitchell discovered his love for live sound at the age of 15 in 1996 in Cape Town, South Africa while operating the sound board for his church. Already a talented musician by the time he was a teenager, sound engineering became a natural career choice. In 2001, Kevin pursued this passion by studying sound engineering at Cape Audio College. It was then that he had his first gig as a live sound engineer. The band opened for Tree 63 in a room of about 3,500 people. With the help of some talented engineers backing him up, he pulled off his first professional mix.

Kevin went on to apprentice under recording engineer David Langaman for a year. David introduced him to sound design company owner Aki Kahn. It was under Aki’s guidance that Kevin really sharpened his skills in audio engineering. While working for Eastern Acoustics, Kevin mixed and worked on countless corporate events, jazz festivals, orchestras, flamenco bands, operas, and theatrical shows.

In 2006, Kevin moved to Johannesburg where he freelanced at the SABC recording studio. He also continued doing live audio for corporate events as well as operating sound for local acts, including Harris Tweed and Fevertree. Kevin also played bass for Fevertree between bass players.

In 2007, Kevin relocated again to the US where he worked as tour manager/ front of house engineer for touring band Civil Twilight. They toured every major music venue in the US and Canada from 100 seat rooms to 8,000 seat theaters and graced many outdoor festivals. Kevin decided to leave the touring life in December of 2010, after three years of working with Civil Twilight. The final show of the tour with Civil Twilight ended when they opened for Jimmy Eat World and Smashing Pumpkins in the Verizon Theater At Grand Prairie near Dallas.

Between and after touring, Kevin freelanced for AV and sound company Audio Solutions Inc. under Alan Simonton. In 2012, Kevin and his beautiful wife Heather moved to Denver where Kevin continues to work in the audio field. Kevin joined forces with John Veit, owner of Spot On Sound Productions, as Production Manager and Engineer in 2014.

As an engineer, Kevin is very easygoing and calm under pressure. He is easy to work with and at home behind the mixing board. Kevin strives for technical excellence and a creative approach.


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